Back in 2015, a close friend and I decided to collaborate on a blog. Both to bully each other into regular uploads to share our work (whether we hate it or not) and to offer support to those of you pursuing careers in writing or art and perhaps give you courage to take the first step. Or, when all else fails, just be a source of amusement.

Originally, we used Tumblr but after a few weeks of no luck, we chose to lie Between the Lines to rest.

A few days ago, I decided to resurrect our failed blog and decided to transfer the original work onto here. For the next few weeks, I’ll be running an experiment of sorts. If all goes well, we’ll both start uploading more recent pieces we’ve been working on.

Feel free to ask us any questions! Neither of us bite, although Muse is another matter. For now, we hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed creating it.


P.S. While our work is primarily for all audiences, neither of us have any idea what good ol’ Muse will come up with. So, in case we happen to go from fluffy kittens one week to gory horror the next, I suppose we should advise viewer discretion.


Tul (aka Paige):

The artist. All the artwork you see on this blog from the header to the posts is hers. She has been known, on occasion, to delve into the realm of writing but much prefers putting her creative talents to use with more visual means.

 You can find her work on:


Nim (aka Jen):

The writer. She handles the writing side of the blog, from book reviews to flash fiction to general blogs (with the exception of any of Tul’s artist notes).

You can find her on:



Our pen names originated after Nim searched for elvish names (having an interest in Tolkien’s Middle Earth). She’ll always be surprised by Tul’s acceptance of her new nickname.