Sketching 15-3-2018 – 17-3-2018

Good Mural Monday: Tulcadhiel signing in!

As it’s been several months since I’ve last uploaded anything, as well as being a long time since I last picked up my pen to draw, I decided to start slow and simple with a few practice sketches on my tablet to get myself back into the swing of things.

Sketching 15-3-2018 - 17-3-2018

1) a Pomeranian drawn from a mixture of imagination and stylistic knowledge. The activity itself was to practice making texture on a soft, fluffy surface like fur. I felt a Pomeranian was a good choice due to the simple shapes their bodies are made up of, as well as the poofy quality their furs takes when groomed.

2) a observation sketch from a photo of a crow found online. The idea was to observe and notice the primary pieces of the photo and try to replicate it as best I could in the space below. Colour matching was done, shown by the little colour codes on the side, to ensure the sketch was representing the colour found in the original source.

3) a observation drawing of a hand. Using my own left hand for reference, I observed by hand whilst sketching the shapes and forms loosely before coming in afterwards and tidying up. I focused on getting the lines of the hand perfect before adding shading and depth to match the shadows on my hand.

4) a stylistic sketch on a green haired girl. Wanting to practice with brushstrokes and harsh shading, I made a simple sketch of a girl, coloured the image and focused on creating a canopy-like shading to the design. To add to the feel I added a simple background. Effective as a colour test.




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Another oldie today. I’ve been a little caught up with a first-person piece for a Writers of the Future entry so I haven’t had much chance to write anything new. This one isn’t as big a favorite as The Beast but it’s still high on the list.


Thunder scared him. Not that he’d ever admit it. He was used to keeping it secret.

It was just his luck that lightning chose tonight to light up the sky. Bringing with it the loud rumble of thunder rolling overhead. Which, okay, was fine. He could handle it. Headphones and his music were all he needed. There was, however, one problem. Continue reading

I have returned!

Hey everyone! Tulcadhiel here:

It’s been a little while since I’ve been active on here and I am sorry for the lack of content on my part over the last few months.

But now I’m back and I’m ready to start working on some artistic projects again!

Unfortunately I don’t have anything to upload for you guys at the moment but I will be posting later this week, so hang tight! In the meantime I’ll catch up with what all you guys have been posting and get myself inspired 🙂 See you all on the flip-side 

The Final Frontier


Hi everyone! I have another acrylic painting for you today.

My mother’s birthday was last Thursday and, since I had a spare mini canvas left over from my tulip painting, I pretty much figured a painting was the way to go. Only problem was, I had no idea what to paint.

If I’m honest, I’m not sure where the space idea came from other than ‘ooh, pretty colors’ and mothers being ‘stars’ (especially with what they have to put up with).

So, this was born. I was worried I’d somehow manage to make it look horrific, I’m not the best when it comes to color theory. I’ll be the first to admit to numerous reference pictures too (it doesn’t hurt being a Star Trek fan either).

All in all, I’m pleased as punch how this came out and, like I said, pretty colors so I’ll definitely revisit space paintings at some point.

‘Til next time!



The Beast

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Something a little different today. I wrote this for a competition almost a year ago but since it’s still one of my favorites and I haven’t got anything else prepared for today’s Written Wednesday post I thought I’d revisit it.


“The deed is done.”

Standing in the foyer of her small home, Irene frowned at the man standing in her hallway, his hand outstretched to take her coat. She hesitated before setting it in his palm. When he’d first appeared in her kitchen, sword drawn and bloodied and several hundred years after his lifetime, she’d known letting him stay was a bad idea. Continue reading

A Rose By Any Other Name

Rose Feb 2018

Something different this week. This is the second half of a gift for a friend of mine, the rose I mentioned in last week’s post.

My sister’s actually the crocheter of the family and I might convince her to share some of her creations for another Mural Monday someday. If I’m honest, I’m not the biggest fan of crochet, although it’s a useful skill. Especially when I’m a complete cheapskate when it comes to buying presents. It’s amazing what you can do with a hook and yarn.

This turned out a little bigger than I anticipated, although I expected it to be on the large side because of the yarn. I’m not sure I helped matters by using one of the larger hooks my sister has in her arsenal (in my defense, it is the one she usually hands over whenever I deign to crochet anything).

Someday I might make another one. It’s strangely rewarding seeing it all come together at the end. I was a little worried I’d messed up in places, there are a lot of stitches to keep track of. But it looks like a rose so I reckon I did okay.

I found a really awesome pattern online so, for anyone who’s interested, here’s the link.

‘Til next time!



Tulips in Acrylic


Phew! It’s been a while but I finally got round to painting something again.

Around New Years, a friend of mine back in the UK mentioned she’d like to see one of my crochet attempts at some point. Me, being me, decided to go one better. Since I got a bunch of new brushes and acrylic paints for Christmas, this gave me a good chance to experiment.

Gave me a good excuse to use a mini canvas too. Those things are adorable.

Since she’s fond of flowers (particularly yellow ones) and is often bemoaning the fact they never last as long as you want them to. I figured it was a great idea to make her some ones that don’t wilt. Of course, I haven’t actually sent it to her yet so don’t tell her. Continue reading

The Burning Wire – Jeffery Deaver

Warning: Possible Spoilers

New York City plays host to a new killer who harnesses the very lifeblood of civilization. Electricity. Faced with the fear of terrorism, criminologist Lincoln Rhyme and his team are drafted into the investigation to battle against an invisible enemy. All the while, Rhyme consults on a case in Mexico where an elusive killer known as The Watchmaker and continues to fight against his physical limitations.

The Burning Wire is the ninth book in Jeffery Deaver’s, Lincoln Rhyme series. Continue reading

The Cold Moon – Jeffery Deaver

Warning: Possible Spoilers

While moon-faced clocks are left at two crime scenes and criminologist Lincoln Rhyme sets out to find the killer, Amelia Sachs struggles to balance the elusive killer and her own case, leaving her quadriplegic partner reeling with the rift caused by her distraction. All the while, the Watchmaker counts the minutes until his next victim.

The Cold Moon is the seventh installment in Jeffery Deaver’s, Lincoln Rhyme series.

Phew, made it. I was worried I’d have to skip this week completely for a while there. Crisis averted. Honestly though, I’m a little unsure what to write about The Cold Moon. For some reason, I find it much easier to think of reasons why I dislike something rather than explain why I like something. A human failing maybe? While I can’t say I found The Cold Moon quite as awe-inspiring as The Coffin Dancer, I enjoyed it all the same. Still, for the sake of having a review longer than a few sentences, I shall fumble through an explanation. Continue reading


This week’s feature is a short poem by Tanushree Karmakar. Reading this, I can’t help but think of The Walking Dead pilot when Rick wakes in the hospital. I think it’s the dead flower imagery that does it.


​It was all dangerously beautiful

And I was savouring as much as I could.

But like the wind blows and summer dies,

And winter awakens the wounded pride;

I woke up from my dreamlike sleep

To the damp ceiling

And to the rotten tang

Of dead flowers by my side.

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