Lineless Fali


Lineless Fali

A mixture of lineless shading, and line-art.

I wanted to try making something more atmospheric, alongside trying out lighting effects from behind. I also think the sky is somewhat believable, as it’s suppose to look like an early morning.

I also tried a lower angle than usual, which is why there’s no background besides the sky. I had drawn a barren background, but it didn’t fit well with the image itself, even if it made logical sense to include it.

I can’t wait to see what you produce this week, Nim!



A pale hand grasped the railing, knuckles white as the owner stared out over open waters. He was sick of it. While he loved seeing new places, learning all he could before moving on, he couldn’t shake the feeling something was missing. Only problem. He had no idea what it was.

As the CEO of a multinational corporation – albeit one he rarely saw – he had everything. There was little he wanted that couldn’t be bought. Private jets; a state-of-the-art yacht; reservations at five-star hotels all around the world; homes in his most frequently visited vacation spots. Anything.

So why did he feel so empty? Why wasn’t the gentle rocking of his yacht soothing him as it usually did? Why did the expanse of ocean fill him with a wistful longing for something he couldn’t name?

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This weeks theme is: Abundance!

The idea of ‘Abundance’ in regards to Fali’s Story is kind of ironic. Fali is a Thaarvin, an Inuit-like people who live on the barren ice fields of the West. The few things in abundance there, are fish and large, empty space.

Truly, the frozen landscape is visible for miles, with no change aside the occasional rock, and it is one of the most difficult places to leave if you travel too deep.

So for this Saturday, I thought it’d be fitting to juxtapose this image.

There is a big abundance of icy nothingness. Frozen ocean as far as the eye can see. All colour drained away, leaving only the people of the land to keep the land inhabited.

You’ll also notice I’ve drawn some creatures of this universe as well, mainly to help develop the lonely, harsh atmosphere of the place.

Anyway, that’s enough from me! Nim, show me what you got!


Pet Musings

While I’m not usually in the habit of venturing far from the world of writing when it comes to blogging, when I first wrote this post I found myself struggling – yet again – with what to write.

I debated whether or not to post this here – which explains, a little, why ‘Written Wednesday’ almost became ‘Oops-I-missed-a-day Thursday’. Anyway, for those interested, here’s a break from writerly things: (I’ll confess to editing a little to make it a little less out-dated)

Cats versus dogs. One of the oldest debates around. Why go for an independent creature when you can have a doting companion trotting by your side?

For me, the realm of dog ownership is still relatively new and uncharted territory. While my family and I have owned plenty of cats, dogs were always one of those passing comments that never received much thought beyond “one day”. So, since adopting our puppy – who’s now grown into a fine, if not exasperating, young dog – it’s no surprise that we’ve been through a huge learning curve.

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Fali’s Parents

Falis Parents

It’s Mural Monday again! Which means another venture into the Frozen West to meet Fali’s parents.

These two are still under conceptual designs at the moment. I’m still tweaking their features and such, but it’s unlikely they’ll change drastically.



Torn curtains hang from broken rails, fluttering in the draft from broken windows. Beneath the sill, shards of glass glint in the midday sun. Gold doubloons in a pirate’s treasure chest.

Empty rooms and damaged walls whisper of a long forgotten past. Rotten floorboards are riddled with deep scratches and pencil lines mark the crooked doorways. Sneak peaks of a story.

Nocturnal creatures nest in the attic. Skitters and scrapes sounding eerie in the decrepit home. Squatters seeking asylum among the debris.

Dust bunnies explore their territory, dancing over the floor and in the air. Carried by the breeze, their passage is silent and swift. Ninja’s on a mission.

Examining a long crack down one wall, a short woman smiles and turns to her companion, one hand pausing where it was tracing the ragged line. “It just needs a little TLC that’s all.”

Resisting the urge to sneer at his surroundings and risk offending his friend, Tyler rubs the back of his neck, mumbling to himself. “Reckon it needs a lot more than ‘a little TLC’…” Despite his tone and dejected persona, he already knows he can’t say ‘no’.


See Tul’s attempt at this week’s theme here: Tender



This week’s theme: Tender!

I decided to draw the Thaarvin siblings this time, along with their pet Saven.

I haven’t drawn using coloured pencils in years, so I wanted to try it out, and seeing as Saturday was coming up, I thought, why not?


Blinking Cursors

Whether you’re writing an email, an essay, an article or even the first pages of a new novel, you’ve no doubt experienced the intimidating blank page and blinking cursor. Both of which do very little to aid your inspiration and instead drive any thought about your project toward dinner plans or the dirty plates cluttering the kitchen.

As your partner in crime, you’d expect some support from the cursor. Even if it’s just a whispered prompt to help you get your thoughts in order. But, despite our numerous pleas, the cursor remains stoic.

So how do you defeat this guardian of the blank page?

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Standing outside a dentist, almost half an hour after closing time, wasn’t something any of Erika’s friends would suspect her of. Especially when she needed to visit to adjust her appointment which not only clashed with her graduation but, according to her roommate, was scheduled much too far away.

Despite priding herself on her punctuality, Erika couldn’t help but feel proud of herself. After all, her organisation had come through yet again. Though she’d deny everything if asked, she’d deliberately neglected to look at the time as she was shopping; which, of course, led to walking passed the surgery after closing time.

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