Book Review: Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill

The first book in Stuart Hill’s, The Icemark Chronicles Trilogy. Cry of the Icemark follows thirteen year old, Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-arm Lindenshield, as she becomes Queen. Threatened by the undefeated forces of the Polypontian Empire and its General, Scipio Bellorum, Thirrin’s tasked with winning a war. With the aid of Oskan Witch’s Son, a young Warlock, she sets out to create alliances with Werewolves, Vampires and Snow Leopards.

This was one of the more obvious fantasy books at my local library, probably one of the reasons why I picked it up, despite not knowing anything about Hill or the adage to not judge a book by its cover. In my defense, it made it easier to read without any expectations. I can’t say I was dazzled by it but I didn’t hate it either so, for the purposes of this review, I’m Switzerland. Continue reading


Friends of the West

Fali And Iromai

A simple little sketch of Fali with an Alk, and Iromai.

I originally wanted this to be a drawing with Garner and Fali, but Garner is much bigger than the Alk in this picture. Like, he’s massive!

However, I did have the fun drawing him last post, so I guess that’s something.

I’ve also been playing around with the texture options on brushes, and I wanted to see what it looked like finalised.



In among the many shoppers wandering the Mall, a group of teens chattered away, passing the hours as they ambled between stores. Each laden down with bags, when one of the group paused, gesturing to another shop they shook their heads.

Refusing to give up on going into the next shop, Yvonne resisted the childish urge to stomp her foot. She could feel the phones, sitting nonchalantly on the shelves inside the shop, calling out to her. Reaching out with invisible hands. Continue reading



This weeks theme is: Impulsive!

Ah, a little girl decided to dress up Garner, and make him pretty.

Fali is not impressed.

I really had no clue what to draw with this, so I thought I’d torment my characters. Fali isn’t into flowers and hearts and bows, and neither is Garner, but I don’t think either can argue with an impulsive child XD

Honestly, the theme itself doesn’t really fit with any of the characters I’ve written so far. So, the most I could think was a reaction to impulsive behaviour, and what better way to represent that than through children? Always touching things -_-

Chibi Fali & Friends



I wanted to draw the designs I have for the characters of Fali’s World (still needs a better name).

The designs for Gadmin and Balla still aren’t set in stone yet, and Varr might also change a little bit.

I also wanted to play around with markers some more ❤


Short Fuse

A trembling hand brushed over a pale forehead and Ian released a heavy breath as he flicked the sweat off the back of his hand. Damp hair clung to his face and he could feel his thin cotton shirt sticking to his skin. He didn’t dare adjust it.

Worried green eyes meeting his when he glanced at his co-worker. Neither spoke. Fearing even the smallest of sounds would trigger the explosion. Behind them, the rest of the team – who were double-checking the room or standing guard – spoke in whispers. Already hyper aware of every footfall, Ian wasn’t surprised he could feel the nervous glances they kept casting at his back. Continue reading



This weeks theme is : Disarm!

I had a relatively good idea for what to draw this week, but I literally couldn’t draw it because there was no reference, stock or poses similar to what I wanted, and when I tried to draw it, it looked off angle, or had bad anatomy.

Avoiding that problem, I just decided to draw a simple image of Fali, and another character within my story, called Varr.

I played around with copic markers, fineliners and a white gel pen for this one. I decided to monotone everything so that colour wouldn’t get in the way, as I only have a select few colours of anything. That’s why it’s in a sepia tone of sorts.

Despite this, I tried using different hues of brown to get the tone right, and whilst it kind of works, it’s still a bit meh.

Note to self: Practice drawing hands for these characters. Also, hooves might be a good thing to play around with before going further.

Catch you on the otherside, Nim!


Character ID

Imagine you’re standing in a room, filled with strangers who all want to work with you on your next project. Be it a poem, novel, short story, a comic series or even a movie script. Some are young, others are old; there are short people and taller ones; skinny and chubby. Despite all their differences however, they’re all prospective characters.

I always think meeting new characters is a bit like this. Daunting and a bit like interviewing someone. Considering how much information you need to know about your characters who, in all honesty, are more like fictional co-workers, it’s no surprise getting to know them is time-consuming.

Here are a few tips on how to create the characters for your next project: Continue reading

Garner, The Alk

Fali & Garner

Fali and her Alk mount, Garner.

Alk are large omnivores that originate from the Frozen West. Due to the lack of foliage, most Alk have turned to carnivorous life-styles.

Alk resemble deer and drakes, though they are neither of the two. Most notable about these creatures is their height and fur, which is extremely long and richly priced.

Alk symbolise the Frozen West, and are revered as a sacred animal.