The Cold Moon – Jeffery Deaver

Warning: Possible Spoilers

While moon-faced clocks are left at two crime scenes and criminologist Lincoln Rhyme sets out to find the killer, Amelia Sachs struggles to balance the elusive killer and her own case, leaving her quadriplegic partner reeling with the rift caused by her distraction. All the while, the Watchmaker counts the minutes until his next victim.

The Cold Moon is the seventh installment in Jeffery Deaver’s, Lincoln Rhyme series.

Phew, made it. I was worried I’d have to skip this week completely for a while there. Crisis averted. Honestly though, I’m a little unsure what to write about The Cold Moon. For some reason, I find it much easier to think of reasons why I dislike something rather than explain why I like something. A human failing maybe? While I can’t say I found The Cold Moon quite as awe-inspiring as The Coffin Dancer, I enjoyed it all the same. Still, for the sake of having a review longer than a few sentences, I shall fumble through an explanation.

With Sachs neck deep in her own investigation – the shock waves of which threaten her career – the Watchmaker case gives Ron Pulaski, a young officer in Rhyme’s team, a chance to prove himself. As the type of character who fades into the background as his more experienced co-workers take each leap of logic to their next clue, it was nice to see Pulaski step up. Especially while battling the lingering effects of an injury from a previous case.

As I said though, I wasn’t as enthralled with The Cold Moon as I was with The Coffin Dancer. While Deaver didn’t fail to deliver his usual epic plot twists and I didn’t see them coming, I wasn’t sent reeling quite as much as before. Of course, I didn’t spend the majority of the book wondering about an obvious clue but not making the connection until I wound up kicking myself at the end, so maybe that’s why.

At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on reading this series in order. Saying that, however, reading them out of chronological order doesn’t really make that much difference. While the previous books are mentioned, the references are explained enough to be treated as back story but not enough to cause confusion. If I ever get the chance to reread the series though, I’ll be sure to do so in order.

For now, I’ll leave this review here. As always, check the series out for yourself if you’re interested in mystery novels. Next week I’ll hopefully have something to share for the Mural Monday post I’ve been neglecting these past few weeks. If not, I’ll see you all again on Wednesday!

‘Til then!



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