October’s Theme:

October’s Theme:

With Halloween coming up we wanted to work on something not specifically based on the creepiest time of the year but something that still fits the month. Thus, Nightmares felt like the perfect theme!

Nightmares are unpleasant dreams caused by a myriad of things from fears, anxieties, and even sadness. Despite being mental in nature Nightmares can cause disruption in the physical and psychological world.

Want to take part? Leave a link to the blog you want to share, whether it’s flash fiction, a bog-standard blog, photography or even a painting.

We’ll feature your work on Saturday’s throughout the month, but only if they match the theme. This isn’t a competition by any means, just a way to help you get your name out there. To that end, if you have more than one idea, feel free to share more of your creations!

Since we’re just starting out, we’d appreciate you spreading the word!


Pink Skies and Misty Trees

Resized 10-11-17

Hi everyone, Nim here with another painting!

A wintery wonderland, of sorts… Turns out snow isn’t quite as easy as it looks. Still, I’ve had more practice with more colorful pieces so this was a neat change. Honestly though, I’m not sure what happened to the trees. The color I mixed wasn’t dark enough maybe and I still need practice with highlighting.

I’m pleased as punch with the mountains though, despite the fact they tend to look rather uniform. I’ll work on that too.

I’ll admit, I struggled a little with the sky but it’s a nice effect at least.

As for the fellow who lives in the cabin, I can’t help but feel a tad sorry for him, what with the frozen pond on his doorstep.

Hmm, I’m never sure what to write about these paintings. I’m starting to worry about where I’m going to put them all though. This is only my fifth attempt but I’m already getting short on space.

Good news is, the cat didn’t walk all over this one.

Tul will be back on Wednesday with another movie review so check back in then. Until then, remember to get your pieces ready for our October Theme and have a look through the work we’ve featured already. There’s some real gems in there!

This Nightmare

This week’s feature for our ‘Nightmares’ theme is by Ward Clever. While not as spooky as last week’s feature, making choices is scary in itself and this piece calls for attention through realism. ‘Soul-crushing’ indeed.

Ward Clever

I woke in a dark cave-like room, with nothing but darkness in every direction save two. It appeared that the edge of the room was the edge of my universe, the edge of madness. In one direction stood a dark hooded figure with glowing eyes and dark iridescent robes with colors as though black was vying with other deeper shades of black for color dominance. The figure gestured in the other direction, with gaunt skeletal fingers, to three seemingly identical doors.

“You must choose. Now.”

“What if I choose none?”

“If you choose not to choose, you choose oblivion.”

“How do I know that oblivion doesn’t already await me, behind one of the doors?”

“You don’t. But the possibility of oblivion is better than the guarantee of oblivion, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t argue with that. So I chose the door on the right. And behind that door were three more…

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Warning: Spoilers

When Nick Dunne’s wife, Amy, disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary, he hopes Amy’s annual, celebratory, treasure-hunt will help him figure out what happened. While tracking down each clue, the police find Amy’s diary and the entries show not everything is as it seems between the couple. Thrust into a world of lies and deceit, Nick struggles to prove his innocence.

Gone Girl is a thriller written by Gillian Flynn.

I don’t know why I read this. Given how much it’s likened to The Girl on the Train (or vice versa since Gone Girl was published first), I figure that was the basis of my decision. Which makes no sense considering I hated The Girl on the Train. Needless to say, I wasn’t overly fond of Gone Girl either. Continue reading

Dragon Shores Page WIP

Seasons Pages 4 + 5

An early WIP for a page in ‘Dragon Shores: Seasons’.

Konnichiwa! I haven’t had this much time this weekend with work taking up the majority of Saturday and I didn’t have time to sit down and watch a movie or write a review. So, I’m here now which a sketch for Dragon Shores: Seasons.

As you can see the background is near complete besides a few elements far back. At this moment I am working on the poses which I’m not quite sure I’m happy with so I’ll keep at it. Next week I believe I’ll be giving you guys another movie review but you’ll have to stick tight until then.

For now mates, Ja Matane!

The nightmare 

A new month means a new theme and new features.

The first for our ‘Nightmares’ theme is this short story by Manisha. I really enjoyed the creepy factor in this one, especially the spooky whisper that left a chill even after I’d finished reading.


I woke up in the middle of the night, my heart thumping wildly, my throat parched and dry and my palms sweaty. I sighed. Another nightmare, as if the ones I have had in the past few weeks weren’t enough. I sat on the edge of my bed, trying to calm down my racing heart. I put on my slippers and went to the kitchen, still unable to get over the horrifying nightmare. I gulped down a bottle of water, and was about to go back to my bedroom, when I heard a strange noise. ‘Come here’, I heard a strange whisper from the balcony. I felt goosebumps rise on my skin, and my heart went completely still. I slowly stepped towards the balcony, with shivers running down my spine, a part of me pleading to me to run away, to save myself from the forthcoming disaster. But, another part…

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IT: Chapter One by Andy Muschietti

IT 2017 Poster

Hey guys, Tulcadhiel here bringing you a review of IT: Chapter One.

I don’t usually do big written pieces like this but I really wanted to try writing a review for a movie I’d seen and since IT was coming up on my movie night calendar, I thought: “Why not?”

Warning: Potential Spoilers

IT is a story about a group of outcast children called the Losers Gang gathering together during the summer break to enjoy their holiday. Their fun falls short however when children start to go missing all over Derry and after each member of the gang has a frightening encounter with Pennywise the Dancing Clown the gang decides to band together to defeat this monster, if they can.

IT is a movie adaptation of the novel ‘IT‘ by Stephen King, a renowned horror writer and household name to readers of the morbid and disturbed. This is not the first time the novel has been brought to the big screen however as back in 1990 this story first made itself known to movie goers as ‘Stephen King’s IT (will be refereed to as ‘the mini series’ from this point)’.
The miniseries is infamous for its lack of scares and overall silly vibe. After hearing friends and peers describe this series as creepy and making them scared of clowns, I had to see it for myself. So, I rented out a copy of the movie and sat down to watch it. I watched the miniseries last Halloween at home alone and honestly, the movie didn’t scare me. Yes, whilst some concepts and ideas were interesting and could be effective if used properly, the movie fell flat on realising them and so I always wanted more. Enough with the premise, I want to see whats written down on paper jump up and scare me!

IT is not a remake of the miniseries: far from it.

IT 1990 VS 2017

1990 Miniseries VS 2017 Movie

I must confess I felt some apprehension about this movie when I first saw the trailers. Although the setting and locations looked interesting and the actors were well casted from my previous knowledge of the miniseries and book, some of the special effects shown in the trailers and teasers looked very, um, fake. But this movie, oh boy, know’s how to leave you tense.

I remember this movie having some extremely effective scenes were there was no jump scares, no terrifying realisation, just something slowly and ever so quietly growing in the background, just out of view and thankfully, the movie didn’t cope out with a weak release like a jump-scare. To use an example of this effect in the movie, there is a scene were Ben (played by Jeremy Ray Taylor) is sitting in the town library looking into Derry’s morbid past through a history book. Not to spoil too much but when you’re watching this movie and get to this scene, keep an eye on the librarian in the background.
This movie has so many little moments like that that makes the viewer tense and the pay-off rarely feels cheap or weak. As the movie progresses you don’t know who to trust, what to trust and, in all honesty, if what you’re seeing is even real.

The child actors are great in this movie and with so many horror movies making the children act like adults it’s great to see a movie which actually got this right. Hats off to Jack Dylan Grazer who played the role of Eddie and especially Sophia Lillis as Beverly because its near impossible to tell the actor from the character by the time you leave the theatre. These two encompass their characters so well and really bring them and their torments to life. Everyone in the Losers Gang knows what to do and how to do it and it’s so great to watch talent like that with some many people at such a young age.

IT 2017 Movie Cast

The Losers Gang (left to right): Stan, Eddie, Richie, Mike, Bill, Bev and Ben.

The supporting cast is hit and miss. Adults in this movie and the actors who played them were extremely unsettling and truly made the movie feel like everyone was against our heroes. And whilst Nicholas Hamilton as Henry Bowers was a deliciously psychopathic maniac, I felt we could of used a little more time with the bullies and especially setting up their backstories and motivations. However the movie only had some much run time and so much budget, so it’s understandable these topics were removed or scraped entirely for some of their inappropriate and unnecessary details.
Throughout the movie there is a consistent distrust directed towards the adults in Derry as each adult seems to be abusive to the children in their lives in some form, whether physical, mental and even some suggestions of sexual abuse later down the line. Whilst watching this movie I felt like the whole of Derry was ‘IT’ in some way, due to their actions and attitudes and for those who’ve seen the miniseries, you have no idea how well the new IT makes you feel this.

This movie is shot beautifully. There’s so many good locations in this movie and the visual team knew how to get the most out of it. The movie does tend to have several similar scenes were characters step out of the light and into the darkness, thus leading to their worst nightmares. Honestly, I would of liked this movie to use some more interesting angles such as dutch angles, high angles and perhaps even some point-of-view shots as I feel the creative team could of created some extremely creepy effects using these.

Overall I didn’t feel like any of the visuals were overly out of place for this movie. At times Pennywise does have extremely weird animations and although they can come across as silly they are also equally unsettling in their effects. The only parts of this movie that felt a bit much was the projector scene and the dancing clown shot, but other than those two moments the movie worked and worked well.

IT 2017

Pennywise: The terrifying clown that knows want you’re scared of.

One part I forgot to mention regarding Pennywise is that the off-centre eyes are extremely creepy and unsettling. I found when looking up the cast and their acting history that actor Bill Skarsgård actually has a lazy eye and actively used this to his advantage when playing the role of Pennywise and co-dos to Skarsgård because the visual is so effective on its own without the need for blood and guts. I hope to see this guy again in future roles as his facial expressions were great, his voice and mannerisms extremely creepy and his stance so uncomfortable: this actor made Pennywise. Definitely a step up from Tim Curry’s amazing but silly performance in the miniseries.

The Verdict:

Overall I think this is a good movie. IT has good scares, great tension, the story, whilst not new has been given some new ideas and the visuals and acting are on point. I’d definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a movie to not just leave them unsettled but also something to entertain them. I’d say this movie is good for all around fans of horror though fans of slashes like SAW might not get the most enjoyment out of this movie as there’s not much to cater to them.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Chapter 2 when it comes out. But anyway, that’s my review of IT. Hope you guys all enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time! Ja matane!

Needle Mountain

(Resized) 09-24-17

Hi everyone! Nim here!

This week we’ve switched things round a little and while I launch into today’s Mural Monday post, Tul will be taking over Written Wednesday.

I’ve always been fascinated with painting, albeit the few pieces I tried never turned out too well. Then I watched an episode of Bob Ross’s ‘The Joy of Painting’ and, after ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ for a while, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

So, I’ve taken up oil painting.

This one is actually my third attempt and the one I’m most proud of so far. It’s also the one Needles, the cat, walked over. Fortunately, the paint was wet enough that I could still blend the pawprints out and it’s practically good as new. Still, with an easel on order, I’m hoping my next attempt will be safe from pets jumping onto the table in search of food.

I may experiment with acrylics at some point (especially given how messy everything can wind up – or that could just be me) but, for now, I’m happy to continue dabbling with oils.

That’s all for now! Check back in on Wednesday to catch Tul’s venture into the written world!

Also, remember our theme has changed! We’re looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.

Spirit of the Harvest Moon

It’s the last day of our ‘Harvest Moon’ theme so here’s my attempt. Uploaded over on my personal blog because I tend to slack off in actually updating it. But, here it is!

Remember to check out Tul’s attempt as well!

Nim Riel

Rumors circled the town of Old Eng. Talk of magic in the soil and spells in the air. Stories of a time, long ago, when the market filled with the fruits of the farmer’s toils.

Not all spoke of the joy the old farm once brought.

“A curse,” Rhett said, frowning at the Mayor.


The farmer stared at the old man before shaking his head. “I don’t buy it, Lincoln.”

“How else would you explain the mystery surrounding your predecessors?” Lincoln asked, nervously tugging on the key hanging around his neck as he eyed the rickety farmhouse. “This farm is cursed.”

Rhett followed his gaze. He knew of the stories, of course. Once a year, on the night of the Harvest Moon, the residents mysteriously vanished, to be found the following morning. Strung up in the fields like scarecrows.

“Well,” Rhett said, smoothing his hair beneath his hat. There…

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Late Night Harvest

Harvest Moon

Konichiwa! Here’s my completed work for this months theme: ‘Harvest Moon’.

I decided to take a simpler, vectored style of art for this piece but with bold lighting. I was able to implement my interest in bright colours for this piece, as well as producing interesting effects using spirals as shadows and lighting.

My proudest parts of this piece is the focus I was able to create around the harvest moon. Whilst the warm colour itself makes the moon stand out against a dark blue sky, having the sky itself ‘heat’ up around it gives the moon a much more powerful and almost supernatural element despite the ordinary, mundanity of the scene shown.

Parts I believe I can improve on is the lower background. Whilst working on this piece I was so focused on ensuring the moon looked right and that the peasant girl had appropriate, harsh lighting effects that I didn’t realise that the background itself is quite boring. The piece itself appears to be missing any visual elements between the bottom and the top, meaning that when evaluating the work on a whole, leaves the viewer wanting more. I shall endeavor in the future to work more on the backgrounds to help tie the whole artwork together.

Despite my own criticisms of this piece I really like it and I am looking forward to next months theme! I believe I shall try a more tone based piece next time but until then…

Take care! Ja matane!